This is blog is mainly dedicated to video effects done with open-sourced softwares, especially Cinelerra. Everyone can edit it by following some rules ==> https://makefx.wordpress.com/2008/09/26/introducing-makefx.

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Roland (wildhostile)


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  1. Thank you for showing us how to get Cinelerra 4.1

    I can play for the first time .MOV files from my Canon 5DMKII dslr.
    However there is no sound. Is this because Cinelerra does not have the ‘sowt’ codec?

    I am playing the .MOV files good in mplayer with ffmpeg-mt on 64bit 4 core AMD Audio is good and complete.

    Excellent tutorials on use of Cinelerra.
    Very many thanks….

    • Hi wetinwales,
      According to this thread ==> http://e.kevb.net/lurker/message/20091221.013248.57b94b60.en.html … you’re right, Cinelerra doesn’t support this sowt codec. That’s a pity since it seems that’s the only thing which prevent Cinelerra support this camera out of the box. You could start another thread on the Cinelerra mailing list (or email the main Developper on heroinewarrior.com) to try to convince them to have this codec into Cinelerra. Cinelerra’s (The community version) mailing list ==> http://cinelerra.org/mailinglists.php .
      A workarround would be to encode the audio part of your video into another (pcm?) format.
      With ffmpeg, that would give something like: ffmpeg -i yourfile.mov -vcodec copy -acodec pcm_s16be newfile.mov (I’m not an ffmpeg expert)
      – ffmpeg -formats to know the formats supported by ffmpeg for encoding and/or decoding
      – make backups.

      I don’t use Cinelerra 4.1 regularly because it is not “compatible” with the 2.1 version, although it has nice new features.

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Hi wildhostile

    Thanks for you advice. Stripping the audio is a good idea. So far I tried in Kino which is perfect sync but fails to transcode the .mov file as far as the end !
    I’ll try another application.

    The Viewer in 4.1 HV doesn’t accept files. This is not good.
    A reply from the Cinelerra mail list says ‘Viewer’ is broken in 4.1 HV
    Another reply says 4.1 CV is the one to use.
    I didn’t find a 4.1 CV

    Thanks again for your great tutorials and blog.

    • Hi wetinwales,

      There is no 4.1 “Community version”.
      The viewer issue is a known bug. Unless you really need features in the 4.1 HV version, I advice you to compile the source of the 2.1 Cversion (or install the binary offered by your distro). Binaries and sources ==> http://cinelerra.org/getting_cinelerra.php .
      Kino is not a converter. It is not even an NLE in my opinion. I would suggest you winff, handbrake, or avidemux but I don’t know how good they are with HD videos. So I think you should use the command line.

      No problems.
      Have fun.

  3. Hello wildhostile
    I tried V 4.1 because 2.1 Ubuntu Karmic and Jaunty will not load .MOV files from Canon 5DMKII cameras. (Getting 2.1 through Synaptic Ubuntu)
    I found no way of converting the .MOV files to edit in High Definition.

    Avidemux reads the .MOV files video and sound, but the screen (GUI ?) goes faulty. It is clear that Avidemux is showing a Hi Def image but (dual screen mode) the screen breaks.

    I will try winff and the others.
    Perhaps I should try to complile 2.1 from source.
    Should 2.1 be working with H264 and .MOV files???

    many thanks for your help..!

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