Introducing MakeFx

Hi all,

How to pan in an image? How to make credits? Can Cinelerra load multiple images to make an animation? How good is the motion tracking effect? How can I add panoramic sound in my video? What format/codec is better to …? That’s some of the questions users usually ask on the Cinelerra’s IRC channel. These questions concern either basic features of the software or more complex one. That’s what MakeFx is all about. It’s aimed to gather users’ knowledge of open video tools in general and Cinelerra particularly in one place. New users should find here simple tutorials to show them at last what is possible to do with this interesting software.

To make it easy for readers and writers we chose to take the following rules:

One: Anyone who knows Cinelerra can post a tutorial. He will be considered as an author. Just send us a mail to subscribe.

Two: The tutorial should be presented in this formatted scheme:

  • a descriptive title that announce in short what you will present in your tutorial,
  • a short introduction (facultative),
  • a short video (hosted by vimeo for example) that shows the effect you make,
  • the written tutorial decomposed by numbers. Photos (hosted by photobucket or flickr) can be added to the tutorial if necessary.
Title, Video and Text.

Title, Video and Text.

In waiting LUMIERA (The new emerging NLE for Linux) have fun folks!

2 thoughts on “Introducing MakeFx

  1. hello, i’m watching your blog now, good work!, i’m making a mockup for the new user interface of the promising Lumiera… if you want you can comment and critic to my work… because i doesnt know to much about the using of cinelerra… well i hope you can understand something that i say… :S

  2. Hi pablo,

    Glad to count you among my readers!
    However, this bog is opened to all contributions, everybody can post a tutorial (particularly on Cinelerra) here if they want.
    I hope you can understand me too. I’m not a native english speaking myself.

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