How to load images to make a simple presentation (slideshow).

Presentation (slideshow) is the easiest way to begin to learn Cinelerra. Let’s see.

Some photos of my country from Arnaud Bertrande’s point of view.

First let’s prepare our project. Launch Cinelerra. Then Settings -> Preferences -> Recording tab. In “Video in” set the import images duration to 2 seconds for example. This means that the images are imported with a duration of 2 seconds. You will be able to give them the duration you wish after. Now let’s define the format of our project. Settings -> Format. This part is up to you. It depends on what you want to do with your final video (internet video, dvd, archiving, hd video etc).

Load the images. Files -> Load files… Browse the directories and select the images you want to load. Cinelerra can use media directly from a dvd-driver, an external hard disk, an usb-drive … You can either load a single image (with a duration of 2 seconds) or several.  Choose the Insertion strategy and apply.

Notes on Insertion strategy:

  • Replace current project delete all you have on the timeline and load the pictures in different tracks. One picture per track.
  • Replace current project and concatenate tracks delete what you have on the timeline and load the pictures in one single track.
  • Append in new tracks keep what you have on the timeline and load the pictures in new tracks.
  • Concatenate to existing tracks paste the pictures in existing tracks
  • Paste at insertion point load the files where the insertion point (ie the vertical line that move on teh timeline) is.
  • With Create new resources only the pictures don’t appear on the timeline. They are in the media folder in the Resources window.

We will use the second option for this project: Replace current project and concatenate tracks. We could equally choose Concatenate to existing tracks since we have nothing loaded yet.


OK. Our images are now lying on the timeline. Let’s give them the duration we want. Some pictures can last 3 seconds, others just a fraction. For that we go on the edge of each image in the timeline window (a little horizontal arrow appear), left click, drag to the right or to the left. You’re done.


Images are loaded. Durations are set. Let’s add some transitions between each pictures. Dissolve transition (Resources window -> Video transition) is the most common transition but Cinelerra give the ability to create your own transition. (see ==> So just drag a transition and drop it at each junction. Right click on the transition icon to adjust the length and… Voila!


Add effects (why not a gradient effect?), an audio track. Render the whole project (Files -> Render). That’s all.

15 thoughts on “How to load images to make a simple presentation (slideshow).

  1. It only ok if all the images are in the same size, if it is not, the transition are not good !
    Thanks for this tuto

  2. I’m trying this out on an Ubuntu setup,
    it crashes as soon as I try to change the length of the still images (by dragging with the mouse).
    In fact it crashes instantly, almost as soon as I try any operation. Help?

  3. Hi GordWait.

    I’m running Fedora here.
    I don’t really know what could cause the crashes for these simple operations.
    I’m using cin2.1 here (since I didn’t suceed to compile the last version cin4.0). What version do you use?
    You can try to find the problem by loading cinelerra from a terminal and look if it shows errors.
    Sorry, I don’t think I can help you here but I suggest you to visit the Cinelerra’s IRC channel (irc:// or send a message on the Cinelerra-cv mailling list (

    Thanks for reading and good luck.

  4. I tried it out from the terminal – it’s Cin2.1v it says.
    I inserted one single still frame, that worked,
    then I moved the cursor over to the end to prepare to insert another still, and boom.

    The terminal reported a whole raft of errors, starting with a SIGSEGV (segmentation violation I presume..)

    I’ll try posting to the mailing list as you suggest. It looks like a very full featured program, and I really could use it, so it’s worth finding out if there’s an easy fix..
    Thanks for the tip!
    Gord Wait

  5. I loaded big images (3072 x 4048 pixels) and tryied to export a movie to mpeg2. But the preview window shows only a small piece of the image, and so is the movie. How to tell Cinerella to resize images to fit desired output size, e.g. 720×576 PAL? Or do I have to do it myself before?

  6. Hi nobange,

    You can change the (size, framerate, aspect and colorspace model) of you output video in Settings –> Format. If you choose a 720×576 size you will certainly have to use the camera or the projector tool. Have a look on the second tutorial.

  7. I can’t load my images, in order to make a slide show, just can’t insert into timeline

  8. It was the concatenate tracks option, now everything is OK thanks for the tutorial you are very kind to share with us.

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